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Borgo di Torre Guidaccia is a very ancient and historical site, which around the year 100 b.C.,  was a military encampment under the guidance of the famous roman pro-consul Caio Mario.   Traces of its glorious past can be found the remaining   perimeter  walls,  in the old look-out tower which dates back  to the V° century a.C.  and in the other buildings constructed by the ancient and noble Florentine family of the Counts of Guidaccia  around the XV° century a.C. 

The marvelous halls, the elegant rooms and the suites confirm the line of continuity of a gorgeous medieval village, of an extraordinary estate in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of the Eternal City.

Tastefully restored, this ancient village is used today as a touristic residence for those people who appreciate the values of an uncontaminated and protected natural reserve,   coupled with remnants of the past which still appear alive and relevant.


A kind of fascinating territory, the natural Reserve of Decima one, which includes mitical and beautyful environments, unique cultures and traditions, with the presence of such interesting floral and faunal species and habitat, to deserve the acknowledgment of site of particular environmental interest.


The perfect harmony between man and nature made the Reserve a unique scenery in the survey of conservation areas. The whole territory is soaked with architectural historical and religious features



Spending a whole day of total relaxation in a very ancient and prestigious residence immersed in the charm and enchantment of History; going around horse riding,  trekking and bird watching; dining by candlelight in the large and gorgeous halls  or in the flowered gardens of the Castle while first class chefs pamper you; these are just some of the privileges that Parco delle Nazioni offers to its selected guests.


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Who we are

The breathtaking beauty of the site, the uncontaminated and wild nature of Decima Regional Park where the Resort is located, the refined and exquisite hospitality, the tasteful cuisine always respectful of the local and traditional flavours and, above all, the exclusive use of the products coming from the vegetable gardens of the Castle, make staying at Parco delle Nazioni a unique and truly unforgettable experience.




Parco delle Nazioni s.a.s di P.Nardis  P.I.  11145521008

Via Clarice Tartufari, 2 00128 Rome - Italy

Where we are


Borgo di Torre Guidaccia – Parco delle Nazioni is located at only 4 km. from the elegant district of Rome-Eur and is few minutes  far from Fiumicino and Ciampino International airports. Rome downtown is easily reachable in 14 mnts with the  underground.